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Renée Zellweger Has Made A Surprising Revelation About The Bridget Jones Series

And we are so on board

Renee Zellweger has hinted at the possibility of a fourth instalment of the Bridget Jones film franchise.

In a recent interview with the Daily Record, the actress said that she really hopes to see the iconic character return after the success of Bridget Jones’s Baby in 2016, released 12 years after the second movie in the series.

“I do. I love her. She’s so much fun.”

“It was really special to see her so welcomed and loved after such a long time away because it can go either way. This could have been the one I was finally found out on.”

The 48-year-old says that there’s still plenty of potential when it comes to plot lines.

“I really like the place she is at in her life, but it’s Bridget and there’s always going to be some drama. She’s so perfectly imperfect.”

And perhaps we could we see the return of Daniel Cleaver. He was reported to be found alive in the final scene after the main characters attended his funeral at the beginning of the movie.  

Hugh Grant has previously commented on his absence from Bridget Jones’s Baby.

“I decided not to do it. The book’s excellent, by the way, but the script is completely different – well, the script as I last saw it a few years ago.”

Fingers crossed he’ll change his mind. 

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