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Netflix’s New Rom-Com ‘Resort To Love’ Is The Escapism Content We Need Right Now

A good old fashioned easy-watch.

Calling all self-professed rom-com die-hards: If Netflix’s new Resort To Love isn’t already on your ‘must-watch-as-soon-as-humanely-possible’ list, it should be. 

The light-hearted new film featuring Christina Milian just about reaches the peak of everything we know and love about the romantic comedy genre in its entirety. Buckle up for some much needed escapism, predictable moments and a soundtrack that’ll likely get you jigging along. 

As expected, the film has already received some mixed reviews. Some call it out for its predictable similarities to any other rom-com, while others praise its shamelessness in sticking to the tried and tested winning formula. 

For us, it’s an upbeat film that briefly alleviates us from our endless doom scrolls on social media, and for that, we can’t fault it. 

Here, a look at the cast, trailer and everything else you need to know about Netflix’s new romantic comedy Resort To Love. 

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What is Resort To Love about? 

Netflix film Resort To Love follows the journey of struggling singer Erica Watson (played by Christina Milian) who, after a messy breakup with her ex-fiancee, decides to travel to an island resort for an entertainment gig, which incidentally involves the casual requirement of being the resident wedding singer. 

Lo and behold, who is at the resort to marry his bride? Only Erica’s ex-fiancee Jason. Once the songstress and her former lover deal with the initial shock of finding themselves in the same remote location, they decide to keep their relationship history a secret from Jason’s new beau… to predictable levels of success. 

At the same time, Erica meets Jason’s brother Caleb who is also on the island. Incidentally, he seems rather suited to the damaged singer. 

Who stars in the cast of Resort To Love

Christina Milian leads the cast as singer Erica, while Jay Pharoah plays her ex, Jason. 

His brother Caleb is played by Sinqua Walls, and Jason’s new flame Beverly is depicted by Christiani Pitts. Supporting cast members also include Tymberlee Hill as Erica’s best friend Amber, while T.J. Power plays her bandmate, Barrington. 

Interestingly, singer Alicia Keys co-produced the film, and before you ask, yes, her catchy songs feature.

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Resort To Love review 

As expected, the movie has a mixed bag of reviews, but in our humble opinion, the films delivers exactly what it promises from the trailer (which you can view in full above).

There’s the traditional heartbroken protagonist narrative, desparate to find themselves. Add a charming meet cute (Caleb) and a classic twist involving the reappearance of an ex—heard it before? So have we, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t watch it. 

What Resort To Love does do well is its shameless embrace of everything we truly love about a rom-com. It’s easy to watch, the characters are uniquely charming in their own ways and you leave it feeling good. 

Plus, it’s set in a summertime island paradise—the perfect juxtaposition to the seasonal situation in Australia at present. Call it our winter escape. We’re here for it. 

Where to watch Resort To Love in Australia

You can watch Resort to Love on Netflix Australia right here.

Oh, and while you’re at it, there’s more Netflix films just like Resort To Love that might also be up your ally: Romantics might enjoy Falling Inn Love (also starring Christina Milian) and Set It Up. Go on, blissful escapism awaits… 

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