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Rose Byrne’s Funniest Film Moments

Happy birthday Rose Byrne! To celebrate, we've collected the Aussie actress' most hilarious cinematic turns.

Her earnest poem recital at the engagement party in Bridesmaids

Everyone can relate to the feeling of meeting your BFF’s new friend and Hating. Her. Guts. Especially when you have to share valuable breathing space in a bridal party with her. Rose Byrne played the role to insufferable, hair tossing perfection, culminating in a terrifyingly earnest poem recital, including this gem of a line: “As you burn in your towering inferno, there I’ll be, a separate flame. A flame of friendship.”

Literally everything about her role in Spy

Spy is a masterpiece of modern cinema and I won’t hear anything against it. From Jason Statham’s piss-take at himself to Alison Janney playing the kickass CIA boss you wouldn’t want to meet in a dark alley, this Paul Feig sleeper hit is still one of my favourite movies of 2016. And that includes Rose Byrne’s Laugh. Out. Loud. Performance as Rayna Boyarov is comedic gold, from the crazy hair to the one liners (“where did you get that abortion of a dress?) to her slightly deranged British accent. It doesn’t get beter than this. 

The on-air breakdown in Get Him To The Greek

For most of the movie-going public, Get Him To The Greek was the moment when the world was introduced to hilarious Rose Byrne, as opposed to dramatic Rose Byrne, the award-winning thespian. In this scene, when she has a complete on-air breakdown during an interview with fake entertainment program Showbiz Tonight. Satire at its absolute finest.

This one line in Bad Neighbours

Bad Neighbours is the kind of movie you’re a little bit ashamed to admit that you love, but there is one bit in it that is unequivocally good. When Rose Byrne loses all of her chill and just yells out ‘KEEP IT DOWN’. The first few times they tried to catch the line on tape, she caused every single member of the cast and crew to break down in laughter. That’s how funny it was.

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