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What Will The Royal Baby Be Named? And When Will We Know!

So. Many. Questions.

Now that the royal baby has arrived safe and well, and we know it is a boy, speculation is rife over what parents Prince William and Kate Middleton will name the little prince. 

Prince William and Kate Middleton royal baby
Royal baby

The baby, who will be fifth in line to the British throne (sorry Uncle Harry!) will likely have a traditional name, with bookies tipping the favourites to be Arthur, Albert, James, Philip, Thomas, Edward and Fred all standouts.

Prince George, Prince William and Princess Charlotte

“Although this is slightly different in that their first child, Prince George, is likely to be the monarch, and this child will likely not. So they can be a little bit different with the name.”

Whatever the moniker ends up to be, the chances that we’ll find out today are slim, with royal protocol stating that the Queen must be informed of the name. With the births of both Prince George and Princess Charlotte we had to wait almost two days to find out.

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