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Ryan Gosling Auditioned For A Role On Gilmore Girls. Didn’t Make The Cut.

This could have changed everything

Before he was winning hearts in The Notebook and winning critical acclaim in Drive, Ryan Gosling was just another young actor looking for his big break.

Sadly that break wasn’t to come with a role in Gilmore Girls, although we can’t help but think it would have been AMAZING!

During a panel discussion at the inaugural Gilmore Girls Fan Festival last week, the show’s casting director Jami Rudofsky revealed a rather interesting tidbit after being asked if there are any actors she sees as “the one who got away”.

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According to Vulture, Rudofsky recalled a handsome young actor that she had cast in an independent film she was working on before Gilmore Girls. Before he auditioned she says, “I rolled my eyes because he was late, and he was blonde.” However she says she quickly realised he was “amazing”. Because Ryan Gosling.

She then brought him in to read for a role in Gilmore Girls as a “football character”, but sadly his audition fell short and apparently everyone thought she was crazy for thinking he was any good. Their loss.

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Oh what could have been.

But everything happens for a reason though right because if he had landed the part he might have never gone on to star in The Notebook and we might never have known the joy that is a ‘Hey Girl’ meme.

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