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Watch Ryan Gosling Realise That His Suit Is Too Tight

His live reaction on Jimmy Kimmel is hilarious!

Ryan Gosling appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live just hours after he and Eve Mendes announced the birth of their 2nd child, Amada Lee Gosling.

However, he didn’t mention his new daughter on the show. We think it’s fair to say Ryan was somewhat distracted with a slight wardrobe malfunction.

“I have to admit something,” said Gosling as he sat down.

“I didn’t try this suit on before I came out, and I realise that it’s so tight.”

“It’s wildly inappropriate. I feel like I’m going steady with these pants,” he added. “I can’t feel my calves. I don’t know if that’s good. I asked for it because I’m dressed this way.”

Watch the interview here:

Ryan Gosling didn’t let the suit restrain him too much though. Will Ferrell joined him later on the show for the hilarious return of “Knife Guys”!

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