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Ryan Reynolds Reveals The Heartwarming Effect Blake Lively Has Had On Him

He opens up about his struggle with anxiety.

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are one of Hollywood’s most loved-up couples, and Ryan opened up in a recent interview about one of the profound effects Blake has had on him.

Pulling off the character of Deadpool was an enormous amount of pressure on Ryan Reynolds, as the comics have such a large and passionate fan base, and he told Variety that anxiety hit him hard while working on the movie.

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“I never, ever slept,” he said. “Or I was sleeping at a perfect right angle — just sitting straight, constantly working at the same time.”

He said that things really started to hit him once the movie was in post-production and he started meeting the fans.

“By the time we were in post, we’d been to Comic-Con, and people went crazy for it. The expectations were eating me alive.”

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However Blake was the rock he needed to push past the anxiety.

“Blake helped me through that,” Reynolds says. “I’m lucky to have her around just to keep me sane.”

Now, the movie is a rumoured to be a hot contender at the Oscars, particularly after the Academy expanded the Best Picture category seven years ago to as many as 10 movies, which gave superhero movies like The Dark Knight more of a chance at competing.

Deadpool is the first live-action comic-book movie to be nominated for Best Picture at the Golden Globes, and Ryan Reynolds has also been nominated for Best Actor, so it seems that his hard work really has paid off.

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