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Ryan Reynolds Went Undercover On A South Korean Singing Show And It Was Brilliant

Just wait until you see the audience's reactions
Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds is deep a the Deadpool 2 promotional tour but this latest stunt might just be his weirdest – and most hilarious – yet.

Reynolds, 41, made a surprise appearance on South Korean singing show King Of Mask Singer over the weekend.

Stepping on to the stage disguised as a unicorn, which is not strange in itself because that’s the premise of the show; contestants dress in costume so the judges focus on their voice not their appearance.

Ryan Reynolds

The actor belts out a rendiotin of ‘Tomorrow’ from the musical Annie and without even knowing who it is, they are eating it up – turns out he can actually hold a tune…

Watch the performance below:

And then the actor takes off his make to reveal himself, and the audience LOSE. THEIR. MINDS. 

Ryan Reynolds

Watch the video below:

“Hello, everybody. Nice to meet you. I’m so sorry about that song,” he told the crowd after his performance, admitting that he was “absolutely” nervous. “I was wearing an adult diaper!”

Ryan Reynolds

“Thank you, guys, for having me. This was such a thrill,” he told the audience. “This was an unbelievable honor for me, you guys pushed me to my own limits and I thank you for that. It’s just the best.”

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