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Rye Hunt’s Sister Named Her Baby After Him

After the backpacker was found dead, his sister has immortalised his memory

Image: Rye Hunt, pictured with his girlfriend Bonnie Cuthbert. Source: Facebook

In May this year, Australian backpacker Rye Hunt went missing in Brazil. His body was found earlier this month, after it washed up on a beach in Marica, Rio Di Janeiro. Rye Hunt’s sister, Romany Brodribb, has since named her newborn baby Edward James Rye after his uncle, who he’ll never get to meet.

Romany Brodribb – Facebook

Romany took to social media over the weekend to remember her brother. She said: “What’s on my mind?…

“I don’t think I’ve begun to process the enormity of what life without my baby brother will be like.

“But I know that he was loved- by so many of us. And I know he would want his life to be celebrated.”

Rye’s girlfriend, Bonnie Cuthbert has also spoken out on social media in memory of her brother. She said: “My heart and whole body is in agony, every second of every day knowing that I can’t wake up next to your cheesy grin and big squeezes anymore.”

Bonnie will be bringing home his remains.

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