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Mum’s Heartbreaking First Words After Waking Up From Coma Following Manchester Arena

Her 8-year-old daughter was the youngest victim of the blast

Gorgeous 8-year-old Saffie Rousso was the youngest victim of the Manchester Arena terror attack at Ariana Grande’s concert on May 22nd.

The day after the attack, Saffie made headlines worldwide, especially when the news broke that her mum, Lisa, didn’t know her daughter had died, as she was in a coma fighting for her life.

Thankfully, Lisa survived the blast and has now woken up, but the mother of three’s first words are heartbreaking.

When she regained consciousness, Lisa turned to her husband, Andrew, and immediately said: “Saffie’s gone, isn’t she?”.

Andrew simply nodded.


“That’s all that was said really,” the grieving father told the BBC.

“She was just everything you could wish for in a little girl,” Andrew said of Saffie, who would have turned nine yesterday.

“She loved dancing, music, gymnastics. If she wanted something, she would do it.”

He says that when he arrived to pick his two daughters and wife up from Ariana Grande’s concert, he found Saffie’s older sister but couldn’t find Saffie or Lisa.

Eventually, Andrew was told that Lisa had been rushed to hospital, but it was hours before he was delivered the news about Saffie.

“I couldn’t take it in. I just sat there looking at him,” he recalls.

“It’s just your worst nightmare. I didn’t know what to say, I didn’t know what to think.”

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