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Salim Mehajer’s Wife Reportedly Takes Out AVO Against The Former Deputy Mayor

The couple are yet to celebrate their first anniversary.

Salim Mehajer and Aysha Learmonth tied the knot in August 2015 in what was possibly the most lavish – and controversial – wedding Sydney has ever seen.

Sadly however, not even one year on, it appears the pair have separated, with Learmonth reportedly filing an apprehended violence order against her husband.

Salim Mahajer and Aysha Learmonth on the wedding day. Photo: Facebook

According to SMH, the former beautician has filed the application and is due to appear in court tomorrow. 

“The defendant must not approach or contact the protected person by any means whatsoever except through the defendant’s legal representative,” reads the AVO. 

Mehajer however has denied that the AVO is in relation to his wife, releasing a statement to Channel 9, he said the order instead related to a dispute with neighbors.

“Aysha and I are perfectly fine. The AVO instigation is by the police for alleged complaints by neighbours. The is not an AVO enforned by Aysha.” He said. 

Mehajer also spoke to News Corp, reiterating that it was the police, and not his wife lodging the application. 

“Aysha has NOT taken out an AVO against me. The police are pursuing for an AVO,” he said.

“The police seem to have nothing better to do then follow our footsteps [sic],” he continued. “As mentioned before, only death will do us apart [sic].” 

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