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Sam Frost Shares Candid Account Of Surviving An 18-Month-Long Abusive Relationship

She’s on the road to recovery

In a candid essay titled Toxic Relationships: Sam Frost pens an honest insight to what it’s like when “partners, friends, bosses or colleagues… emotionally and verbally abuse you without you even realising.”

It’s important to note, the former Bachelorette star is now in a healthy relationship with Dave Blachford, who also recently opened up in a post on Frost’s Believe, describing his experience with her mental health battles.

On her own experience inside a toxic relationship, the Home and Away actor says she was blind to the damage her partner was causing because she perceived her ex to be her soulmate.

“…I know how difficult toxic relationships are because I was in a psychologically abusive relationship for 18 months. Eighteen months! I had no idea. I thought I was madly in love and had finally found my soul mate. It wasn’t until I started seeing a psychologist that I became aware of something being seriously wrong.”

Adding, that her ex-boyfriend was in denial about his vilifying behaviour.

“He repeatably told me I needed “serious help” and… Some of his favourite lines were, “You’re lucky to be with me. No-one else would put up with you,” and, “If you break up with me, you’re just going to ruin the next relationship and the relationship after that. Do you know how embarrassing that will be?”

Frost explains that the ongoing abusive took a toll on her sense of self-worth and she adopted unhealthy habits.

“I even changed the way I looked, I got skinnier, would wear push up bras and dyed my then brunette hair back to blonde so I could look like all the girls he was following and messaging on Instagram.”

Sam looking radiant on the red carpet in June 2019

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This article originally appeared on InStyle.

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