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Sam Frosts Responds To Backlash Over Her ‘Home & Away’ Role

“I am not afraid”

This week, news broke that Bachelor star turned radio host Sam Frost was joining the cast of iconic Aussie soap Home & Away – and many fans of the show were not impressed.

For every congratulatory message, Frost, who has zero acting experience, appears to have been inundated with criticism of a) her acting ability and b) what casting decisions like this mean for the industry at large.

“To me it demonstrates that Home and Away has lost faith in its writers if directors are resorting to this kind of stunt, rather than using their storylines to pull viewers,” Australian Acting Academy artistic director Brendan Glanville told Confidential, reports.

But now, Frost has come out in defence of her new role. Posting the below image on Instagram, she wrote: “I am not afraid to challenge myself, to push through barriers.”

“I work incredibly hard professionally and personally to constantly grow, learn and evolve. I have chosen to live my life embracing opportunities and challenges with open arms. It may work, it may not… but at least I can say I was brave enough to give it a shot,” the post concludes.

The aspiring actress begins filming in the next few weeks, with her episodes said to hit screens next year.

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