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Sam Frost’s Brother Responds To Her On-Air Confession With Heartfelt Post

"Everybody loves you."

Sam Frost revealed on her radio show yesterday morning that she went through a period of feeling suicidal after abuse and lies from online trolls got to her.

She said that she was in a ‘really, really dark place’, and shut out her friends, family and boyfriend Sasha.

Her brother, Alex Frost has since come to her defence on social media, reminding her of all the people that love her.

He wrote: “Don’t let jealous drop kicks get in the way of your life. Work hard, prove people wrong, laugh at negativity and remember how unique you are.”

He went on to say: “Much love to my hilarious sister who has taught me how to be myself and the countless people she has inspired to do the same. Everybody loves you x”

Sam has said that after having some time off the show, she’s feeling much better, saying: “I’ve realised I’m a good person and I’ve done nothing but great things for people and I don’t deserve it.”

If you or someone you know is experiencing depression call Life Line on 13 11 14 or visit Beyond Blue.

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