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Sam Kerr & Kristie Mewis Just Confirmed Their Romance After Sweet Olympics Moment

The pair shared a tender embrace on the pitch of their bronze medal match.

Sam Kerr and Kristie Mewis have confirmed their relationship via a candid Instagram official update after sparking romance rumours on the pitch of their Olympics soccer match. 

The Australian Matildas star Kerr was seen being embraced by US player Mewis following Australia’s heartbreaking bronze medal loss.

The sweet and consoling hug the pair shared in front of the world has quickly become the backdrop to what is clearly a beautiful love story between the two talented athletes. 

And barely a week later, Kerr confirmed what we’d all hoped with a cute Instagram update featuring a polaroid snap of her and Mewis kissing. 

The 27-year-old simply added a love heart emoji and tagged Mewis in the picture. 

The US soccer star also shared an Instagram update to her story, showing her and Sam in a selfie together. Later, she shared several snaps from their accomodation in Miami. 

The moment comes after a whirlwind two weeks at the Tokyo Olympics, where the players eventually went head to head for their respective countries in the bronze medal match, with the US beating the Matildas by a one point margin—4-3. 

(Credit: Instagram)

Sam Kerr recently split up with her girlfriend of seven years, Nikki Stanton. Per the Daily Telegraph, Kerr had reportedly “fallen out of love” with Stanton. The pair met in 2014. 

Over the past few months, Kerr and her new beau Mewis hinted at a romance blooming with several subtle clues. Super sleuth fans noticed several flirty Instagram comments, one where the US soccer player quipped at Kerr’s shirt number. 

“Glad to see you’re committing to your new number,” she wrote next to a picture posted by Sam. 

Without missing a beat, Sam replied: “Committing to you more then 2.”

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