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“The Jig Is Up” TV Host’s Sexist Rant Against Caroline Wilson

He used The Footy Show as an opportunity to unleash

Sam Newman has unleashed fire on Caroline Wilson for the outcry against Eddie McGuire’s recent controversial joke on Triple M.

The Footy Show host was noticeably frustrated with the series of events, and took this moment to air his concerns.

He said: 

“If you’re going to want to be equal and treated equally, the point is, don’t complain when it’s ‘too equal’

“Finally, the jig’s up Caro. You’re becoming an embarrassment. And even if you were underwater, you’d still be talking.”

Eddie McGuire came under fire for making a ‘joke’ about drowning sports journalist Caroline Wilson on Triple M radio. He had jibed at her with other men on the show about having a one-person ice water slide just for Caroline Wilson to raise money for the Cure for MND Foundation, and Danny Frawly even joked that he would ‘hold her under’. You can read the full transcript here.

The Footy Show dedicated 10 minutes to discussing the reaction to Eddie McGuire’s comments last night.

While Sam Newman unleashed, his co-hosts were not pleased with his commentary.

James Brayshaw, who was part of the Triple M segment with Eddie McGuire, added his two cents.

“You are entitled to your opinion Sam. I don’t agree with, certainly, that last bit. 

“Some of the language used in that 30-second segment was off the pace, and for that reason, it was absolutely appropriate that we apologise.

“Offence was taken and I can understand why.”

Rebecca Maddern was particularly displeased, firing back at Newman’s comments.

Image: Channel Nine

“I want to say, from my perspective, that when I heard this on the radio … it did actually make me feel uncomfortable. As a woman. As a person. Take it however you like it,” she said.

“If it was said about me, I must admit, that I would have been pretty upset by it.”

She went on to say that we need to make an effort to start changing things in the community with small changes.

“Whether it’s domestic violence, whether it’s violence against women, whether it’s coward punches, whether it’s bullying. Attitudes need to be changed if we are to get, eventually, to the big things. And we want those things to change. We want to rid society of those evils.

“I believe the first step towards that is actually about language … because the spoken word really is very, very powerful.”

There has also been a negative response on social media from public figures like Lisa Wilkinson and Annabel Crabb fighting back against Sam Newman’s comments:

In slightly unrelated news, Sam Newman is currently considering running to be the next mayor of Melbourne. He is a proud Trump supporter and has even told News Limited that he has been inspired by Trump’s campaign in the US.

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