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Sam Harris Has Called Out The Media For Speculating Whether Or Not She’s Pregnant

"I’m NOT pregnant and I’m also NOT fat" 👏

Despite being one of the most private and intimate journeys a woman can go through, pregnancy, and specifically, asking a woman about her pregnancy, remains something many feel they have a right to voice an opinion on. 

Dunghutti woman and model Sam Harris spoke out about that very topic this week, calling out the media for asking if she was pregnant – stating those questions are “rude” and “nobody’s business.” 

Taking to Instagram, Harris shared a photo of herself explaining the events that had unfolded, revealing she had overheard her agent on the phone to a journalist who was asking for commentary on her speculated pregnancy. 

She wrote, “Needless to say I was not impressed the fact that I’m NOT pregnant I find this so rude and just another thing as women like seriously where do rumours like that come from??, what are they implying are they trying to say I’ve gained weight or something??”

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For women in the public eye, hearing pregnancy rumours about yourself is, sadly, still very much engrained into their everyday lives. Despite this, pregnancy rumours based on no evidence can be incredibly damaging, especially for women who have experienced miscarriage or are struggling with fertility. 

“If and when I do fall pregnant it will be up to myself and my husband to whom we share that information with and if we let media know at all and just to clarify one more time to all media outlets I’m NOT pregnant and I’m also NOT fat……” she concluded. 

Yes, Sam! For all women, when and how you choose to share news of your pregnancy should be just that, your news to share. 

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