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Samantha Markle Has Reportedly Been Cast On ‘Celebrity Big Brother’

And this is how the royal family plan on dealing with it

Another day, another Markle debarkle. And this one’s a big one.

Today it’s been reported that Samantha Grant, Meghan Markle’s estranged half-sister, is set to join the cast of Celebrity Big Brother.

While the reports are as yet unsubstantiated, the 53-year-old appeared to confirm the rumours when she appeared on Inside Edition.

“Why not? Life is about cashing in. You take opportunities as they arise and hopefully you enjoy the ride and make it as positive as you can.

“There’s nothing wrong with it.”

She does say however that she won’t be there to talk about her half-sister, “the purpose of the show would not be to discuss [Megan],” she added. Yeah, ok then.

It is reported that she could earn up to six-figures for her appearance on the show which starts filming on August 17.

Tensions between the royal family and the Markle’s continues to rise, but the palace are yet to comment on any of the drama, instead choosing to stick to their strategy of staying silent.

“The strategy at Kensington Palace, I understand, is, ‘Say nothing, don’t dignify these comments, these interviews, these articles with a response,'” Royal expert Katie Nicholl told ET, adding, “the royal family has had more than their fair share of scandals. This won’t faze them.”

Meghan Markle

One royal member who is fazed however, and understandably so, is Meghan, who is reportedly frustrated that she cannot address all the drama surrounding her father. 

“She’s essentially not able to prevent these kind of stories. Now, everything has to go through official Palace,” a source told Us Weekly. “She doesn’t have her own publicist, she can’t make any comments on Twitter and she can’t reach out to him to tell him to stop speaking to the press. Her father’s comments have an effect on everything.”

“Meghan is so upset over Thomas. She doesn’t even know how to communicate with her dad without knowing he won’t exploit her,” added the source, saying that Meghan would “like to speak to him,” but “lives in fear that he’ll leak their communication.”

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