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Samara Weaving Announces She’s Engaged To Longtime Partner Jimmy Warden

Her ring is very unique

Home And Away alum Samara Weaving has announced she’s engaged to boyfriend Jimmy Warden. The 27-year-old niece of actor Hugo Weaving, took to Instagram to share the sweet news.

“So here goes! Jimbo and I are engaged!!”, she wrote. “Let’s party my loved ones!! P.S you know you’re loved when you can eat a ham and cheese toastie in bed and your fiancé says that’s beautiful.” 

Along with a series of pictures of the couple, Samara posted her ring. 

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Many of Samara’s former co-stars immediately congratulated her. “You beautiful girl. Huge congrats darling,” wrote Summer Bay favourite Georgie Parker, while Emily Symons penned, “Congratulations darling girl”.

Modern Family actress Sarah Hyland simply wrote “PARTAYYYYYY”, while Teresa Palmer commented, “THE BEST”.

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