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Samara Weaving On The Women Who Inspired Her Hollywood Success

“Mum always laughs at me. I think you need to be laughed at daily.”

Samara Weaving’s trajectory isn’t dissimilar to some of Australia’s most successful names in Hollywood. Like Margot Robbie, Isla Fisher, Chris Hemsworth and Health Ledger, Weaving started out in a homegrown local soap—Home & Away in her case—but it wasn’t long before she was being beckoned overseas to Hollywood. 

Now, she has several major blockbusters under her belt with plenty more to come. She’s signed on to star in the sixth instalment of the iconic Scream franchise, and recently, she made headlines for her performance in Hulu’s, The Valet. 

It’s only upwards from here for Weaving, but the actor remains humble as ever. marie claire caught up with the homegrown actor who told us that three specific women have been key driving forces behind her onscreen success. 

Samara Weaving

Dr Helena Bezzina

“I always wanted to be an actress, so I’m grateful that Mum never doubted me,” Samara tells us.

“After I found out that you could make a career out of acting there was no stopping me. But when there were times where I wanted to quit and go home, Mum would say, ‘Sam, it’s not a big deal. You’re not the centre of the universe. You can come home if you want, but you may as well give it a go.’

“She grounded me and made me get out of my head and realise that none of this really matters. Mum’s a really important role model for me. She is such a strong woman and has overcome a lot of hardships. We had a sort of rocky relationship when I was younger, where I drifted off for a while and then came back when I was emotionally mature.

“As I get older, I’m beginning to realise that we’re quite similar. I love how ambitious she is [Bezzina is a creative-industries professional and academic], but she also doesn’t take life too seriously. She always laughs at me and that’s really important. I think you need to be laughed at daily.”

Alex Ricola

“Friendship is really important to me. Your friends are the people who ground you and make you laugh – and cry. I met Alex in high school; we were both new and became fast friends. I’m something of an introvert and my favourite thing to do – which I think is a true test of friendship – is being able to sit comfortably in quiet and just laugh at a sitcom or a film.

“I think that’s a level of comfort and friendship that is so special. I re­member visiting Alex in Australia [when I was living overseas], and it was torrential rain in Sydney and we re-created what we used to do in Year 6, which was eat mi goreng and watch TV for like six hours. It was great.

“It can be quite lonely when you are filming somewhere and you don’t really know anyone and you’re meeting new people, so Alex would come and stay with me. If I was feeling lonely, she’d drop every­thing and just live in a hotel with me for a few weeks. Alex made me realise how lucky I am, because sometimes… you forget. It’s a nice reminder to be grateful.”

Samara Weaving

Jenny Slate

“I’m obsessed with the comedian Jenny Slate. I think she is hysterical and vulnerable and really honest.

“When I got the script for my new film, The Valet, I thought it was really cool because it reminded me of an early 2000s rom-com, with a modern twist. I was very nervous about starring in a comedy because it’s the first proper comedy I’ve done – most of the other comedic roles have been genre pieces. In preparation, I watched a lot of female comedians.

“I love watching stand-up and improv and often go to The Groundlings and the Laugh Factory in Los Angeles. I look out for the female comic nights and just sit and watch with my jaw on the floor [thanks to] these very funny women.”

Samara Weaving

The Valet is streaming now on Disney+

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