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Samuel Johnson Declares New Mission After Sister Connie’s Funeral

“She was training her little brother up to do her work when she was gone”

Today, the late Connie Johnson’s family and friends farewelled the inspirational Australian – and straight after her funeral, her brother, actor Samuel Johnson, continued her fight.

Speaking on The Project, an emotional Johnson said the funeral for his big sister was “perfect.”

“It seems weird to apply the word perfect to a funeral, but it was,” he told hosts Carrie Bickmore and Waleed Aly.

Johnson then declared his intention to continue Connie’s legacy. “I’m not going to stop,” he said. “I’ve just realised that I’ve gone pretty soft so far, but I’m really going to amp it up now.”

“I thought our quest to raise $10 million was it, I thought my role now was to be chief custodian of Connie’s legacy, but I’m not – this was an apprenticeship.”

“I’m declaring myself right now head of cancer vanquishment in this country,” he added. “It means I’m going to accelerate the push for a cure.”


Johnson went on to explain that he intends to follow his sister’s lead and lobby Canberra and “anyone with money” to boost cancer research in Australia.

“This is just the beginning – she was training her little brother up to do her work when she was gone,” he said.

An emotional Carrie echoed his sentiments, reflecting on “a wonderful woman who left an incredible legacy. We’re all going to do what we can.”


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