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Sarah Ferguson Defends ‘Poor’ Ex-Husband, Prince Andrew, In Questionable Interview

The Duchess of York was surprisingly tender about her ex-husband, despite recent headlines.

Despite the fact that many people involved in the very public Prince Andrew scandal would not describe what happened to the Prince as ‘very sad’, that’s exactly how his ex-wife, the Duchess of York, sees it.

For context, Prince Andrew’s close friendship with convicted sex offender Jeffery Epstein was highly publicized and then, a civil sexual assault case was levelled towards Andrew. His accuser, Virginia Giuffre settled the US civil case in 2022, with Andrew paying an undisclosed sum to Giuffre but Andrew making no admission of guilt.

He has always maintained a denial of the allegations. During the legal process, Queen Elizabeth II stripped Andrew of his military titles and patronages. He has never been convicted of any wrongdoing on the matter in court.

On her recent promotional tour for a new fiction novel in the US, Sarah Ferguson has had her say, calling the situation ‘very difficult’.

The comment was prompted when an ABC journalist, Juju Chang, asked her what it’s been like watching Andrew go through such widespread scrutiny.

“We’ve been there for each other—you know, when I’ve gone through really bad times in the past, Andrew’s always been there,” People reports Ferguson said.

“I’ve gone through really bad times in the past, Andrew’s always been there.” (Credit: Image: Getty)

“He is exceptionally kind, and he is a very, seriously good grandfather. He’s very steadfast for the girls [Beatrice and Eugenie],” she added. “We are women that also have had to see the demise of a very strong man, and that has been really difficult to see.”

In another interview with Glamour’s Samantha Barry, she said, “In 1986 I married a very good man—zip,” miming zipping her lips shut.

Fergie also referred to herself and her daughters as ‘the tripod’.

“The girls and I are called ‘the tripod,’ but it’s very sad to see the cruelty given to another,” she added.

The comments come after she gave an interview to The Telegraph UK saying that she was ‘relieved’ that the Queen was there to help in the situation.

Reflecting on her relationship with the late regent, she said, “During the last three years, her poor son has been going through such a tumultuous time, and I think HM was very relieved I could help her with him, so we became even closer then.”

The Duchess of York didn’t stop there though, choosing to elaborate on another royal couple–Harry and Meghan.

(Credit: Image: Getty)

“I don’t really know Meghan. I haven’t really met her. I spoke to her at the funeral, and I thought she looked absolutely beautiful. I think she is beautiful,” she said in her Telegraph interview.

While it appears a seemingly innocuous comment on the surface, that tale of events actually circumvents what Meghan has said of her relationship with Fergie.

In fact, during her 2021 Oprah interview, Meghan said that it was Fergie who taught her how to curtsy right before she met Queen Elizabeth II.

“I learned it very quickly,” she said. “Right in front of the house, we just practiced and then walked in. I met her and, apparently, I did a very deep curtsy,” she said at the time.

Meghan also brought the story back up on the couple’s Netflix series Harry & Meghan, saying, “I thought it was a joke”, and showing off an exaggerated bow in jest.

The big ‘bow’ from ‘Harry & Meghan’ on Netflix. (Credit: Image: Getty)

“It was so intense,” Meghan added. “And when she left, Eugenie, Jack, and Fergie say ‘You did great!'”

However, Fergie did not choose to bash the California-based couple either. When asked if Meghan’s presence had ‘damaged’ the royal family, she said it wasn’t her place to respond.

Adding, “She has made Harry very happy, and that is so nice. Honestly, he’s so happy with her. She really loves him. And I think that’s beautiful – and that Diana would be proud of him and her lovely grandchildren.”

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