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Sarah Jessica Parker Is Defending Carrie Bradshaw To ‘SATC’ Fans

But they're not having any of it

The 20th anniversary of Sex and the City prompted many to take another look at the iconic show: we examined how Miranda and Charlotte became the best characters and even had an editor live a week in the life of Carrie Bradshaw

The findings? That Carrie’s lifestyle is almost impossible to hold up when you’re juggling a full-time job and a constant headache from the previous night’s cosmopolitans, and that Carrie, although fun and fabulous, wasn’t really the best role model. 

But we weren’t the only ones to raise an eyebrow at the sex columnist’s questionable behaviour. The Cut published a story wherein 15 writers recalled the moments they still think about from the show, posting one quote to Instagram: “I often think about the time Carrie was too busy to help Miranda, who was lying naked on the floor of her bathroom with a back injury, and sent Aidan instead… then later “apologised” with bagels… only to have an in to talk about herself.”

Surprisingly, Sarah Jessica Parker not only saw the quote, she swiftly responded defending her character.

“That’s the worst example!!!!!” the actress wrote in the comments. “Come on! There are so many moments when Carrie is good, generous, reliable, loving, present and supportive to her dear Miranda. I assure you! We just need time together and a VCR, I can prove it!” 

carrie miranda

And when another person wrote that they hated how “men were always [Carrie’s] priority,” SJP also responded: “No!!! There are countless examples of her being a very good friend to Miranda. Miranda wouldn’t have stuck around a half-assed friendship.”

Though she has a good point – Miranda probably wouldn’t have continued their friendship if it was really all bad – that didn’t stop the bad examples rolling in thick and fast:

“When Carrie got mad at Charlotte for not offering to lend her money to buy her apartment,” “when Charlotte gets engaged again – after having a really difficult marriage – and all Carrie cares about is that her latest loser boyfriend broke up with her on a post-it note”, and, most importantly: “she didn’t even bring cream cheese with the bagels.”

Sorry SJP, Carrie might have had a great wardrobe, but Miranda is definitely the real MVP.

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