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Scarlett Johansson’s Brutal Take On Ivanka Trump Is Breaking The Internet

The SNL skit does NOT hold back...

Saturday Night Live has had no shame in criticising the Trump administration since the election was on, but this latest knock has upped the ante. 

Scarlett Johansson plays Ivanka Trump in the brutal take, dressed in a cocktail dress and a straight blonde wig in a fake advertisement for a new fragrance, called ‘Complicit’.

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The ad opens with ScarJo walking into the room, with a voice over following her…

“A woman like her deserves a fragrance all her own. A scent made just for her. Because she’s beautiful. She’s powerful. She’s… complicit.”

“She’s a woman who knows what she wants… and knows what she’s doing… Complicit.”

Then Scarlett leans into the mirror to apply her lipstick and a reflection appears of Alec Baldwin playing Donald Trump, while the voiceover comments, “She doesn’t crave the spotlight, but we see her. Oh, how we see her.”

The camera pans to some women at the partner who are watching on, and the voice says: “A feminist, an advocate, a champion for women, but like… how?”

Finally, the narrator says, “Complicit: The fragrance for the woman who could stop all of this but won’t.”

Ivanka Trump has been criticised for branding herself as a feminist, yet standing so firmly by her father, who has such negative views towards women.

You can watch the full skit here.

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