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Schapelle Corby’s Extravagant Return To Australia Is Raising Questions

Champagne, business class seats, a five-star hotel and an airport convoy...

More than 12 years after being convicted of drug smuggling in Indonesia, Schapelle Corby is officially back in Australia.

The 39-year-old’s release has been documented closely by media, with her return to the country as extravagant as a Hollywood celebrity’s.

Schapelle started an Instagram hours before departing Bali to document her freedom, the account, which has nine posts, has already amassed 142,000 followers.

Schapelle’s sister then posted another Instagram showing off their business class seats on the 6-hour flight and a bottle of French champagne with the caption, “After resting up its [sic] finally time to cheers. Then looking forward to a good nights [sic] sleep! Love you family and friends, so blessed … #cheers.”

Her and her family then switched flights minutes before they were due to board to avoid the dozens of journalists who had bought seats on the plane.

Upon arriving at Brisbane airport, the family exited out the airport out the back – avoiding hundreds of supporters and media waiting at arrivals – and into waiting cars. A pack of six identical black SUVs left the airport in a Presidential like convoy, splitting off into different directions to avoid being followed. 

It’s believed the Corby family is now staying at the five-star Sofitel Hotel in Brisbane’s CBD, yet another expensive cost to add to the list.

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