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Scientists Have Discovered The EXACT Moment Eye Contact Goes From Normal To *Creepy*

There’s a point of no return

Let’s be honest, the social etiquette surrounding eye contact is a bit… tricky. Fail to hold someone’s gaze and you’ll be considered shifty and untrustworthy. However, stare for too long and you’ll give off creepy vibes.

Finally, scientists have put their powers to good use and discovered the EXACT moment that eye contact becomes uncomfortable.

In a recent study published in the Royal Society Open Science, researchers found that participants became squeamish if eye contact was held for longer than 3.3 seconds – give or take 0.7 seconds.

They came to this conclusion by asking a group of 498 volunteers to watch a video of a woman staring back and them. When they began to feel uncomfortable, participants hit a buzzer.

So do yourself a favour and cut off eye contact before the dreaded 3.3 second mark. Nobody wants to be that guy.

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