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Scientists Have FINALLY Discovered Why Period Pain Hurts So Much

This is a study we can really get behind

Stop the press: In a groundbreaking new study, scientists have discovered why period pain is so goddamn painful. And with around 80 per cent of women experiencing uncomfortable (read: soul-destroying) premenstrual symptoms (PMS), we think it’s about time! 

So, what did they find?

Apparently, severe PMS – including bloating and cramps – is caused by acute inflammation triggered by a biomarker called C-reactive protein.

The study, which surveyed 3 302 women, is the first large-scale study to link PMS symptoms to inflammation.

While many doctors already recommend anti-inflammatory drugs for period pain, this new link between the C-reactive protein and PMS could result in more effective treatments.

According to the study’s journal editor Dr Susan Kornstein, “The majority of women experience at least some premenstrual symptoms. Recognizing an underlying inflammatory basis for PMS would open the door to additional treatment and prevention options and create a new opportunity for long-term risk intervention.”

Let’s hope new treatments are created sooner rather than later. 

Via The Independent.

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