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The Church of Scientology Has Launched A TV Channel

“The only thing more interesting than what you’ve heard . . . is what you haven’t"

Between Alex Gibney’s documentary Going Clear, Louis Theroux’s My Scientology Movie and Leah Remini’s explosive tell-all series and book, it’s safe to say that Scientology has a bit of a bad rap at the moment.

But now, The Church of Scientology has announced a new television streaming network that will undoubtedly spin a different story.

Launched on Tuesday, the network will feature a range of original programming about the church’s history and people, to be streamed on DirecTV, Roku, Apple TV, Fire TV, Chromecast, iTunes, Google Play, and

Shows include L. Ron Hubbard in His Own Voice, Meet A Scientologist and Voices for Humanity.

As a promo for the channel promises: “The only thing more interesting than what you’ve heard . . . is what you haven’t.”

We’ve heard some pretty interesting things about Scientology so far—from the Sea Org’s billion-year contract to just what it takes to ‘go clear’—so the bar is set pretty high. 

As Vanity Fair reports, it seems that there are no Scientology A-listers that have signed up for a series yet.

But we’re crossing our fingers for a David Miscavige/Tom Cruise buddy comedy, or an Elisabeth Moss Handmaid’s Tale crossover series.

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