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Turns Out, 1 In 8 Men Think They Can Beat Serena Williams In A Game Of Tennis

Despite being a 23 time Grand Slam winner

Despite Serena Williams being one of the world’s most decorated tennis players of all time, a new poll from YouGov has revealed that one in eight men believe they could score a point in a tennis match against her. 

Yes, unfortunately, you read that right. 

There are seriously men out there who believe they could face off against the 23 time Grand Slam champion and…win. 

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The poll, which surveyed 1,732 adults in Great Britain, posed a simple question: “Do you think if you were playing your very best tennis, you could win a point off Serena Williams?”

While any reasonable person might laugh and think of course not, turns out many of the participants held a much more delusional reaction. Twelve per cent of men surveyed responded, “I think I could,” along with three per cent of women.

In addition, 14 per cent of men and 10 per cent of women responded that they “don’t know” if they could win a point against Williams. 

It begs the question, who are these men and why on earth do they think they could face off against the World No.1? 

Luckily, many saw the hilarity of the results. Chrissy Teigen even asked Williams to take on the “challenge”, which we’d very much endorse. 

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