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Behold, Carrie & Mr. Big Have Officially Confirmed Their Reunion On The ‘SATC’ Reboot With Some Sneaky Set Pics

And yes, Carrie's wearing another bird.

And just like that, Carrie and Mr. Big were reunited. That is at least if the set of Sex And The City‘s trending reboot is anything to go by. 

This morning, Australia woke to blessed new behind-the-scenes set pics of the highly anticipated sequel And Just Like That, featuring our girl Carrie Bradshaw and—lo and behold—would you look at who she’s with… 

(Credit: Getty)

Yep, that’s the OG SATC couple whose relationship of peaks and troughs almost ended us back in the early noughts. Until today, we hadn’t yet seen actors Sarah Jessica Parker and Chris Noth together on the revamped set, so this is a particularly big moment (no pun intended).

In the snaps Parker is in her usual fashion element, wearing a billowing white polkadot skirt, paired with her statement accessory du jour: A bird. 

Yes, you read that correctly. And as fate would have it, it appears the hat in question is a clear-cut reference to the last time she wore a feathered headpiece in the first SATC movie, the moment where she’s ditched at the alter by Mr. Big. Curious…  

(Credit: Getty)

In the new set pics, the pair look to be having a strained conversation, which isn’t surprising given the potential context of the storyline they’re filming. 

In a leaked script obtained by Page Six it looks like Carrie and Mr. Big’s love story is over with Carrie detailing their divorce to her friends Charlotte, Miranda and Stanford. 

In more details from the script, it looks like the revival will be based loosely around Carrie’s life in her 50s as she hosts a new podcast alongside handling the breakdown of her relationship. 

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