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Sex And The City’s Kristin Davis Reveals Her Fears For Her Daughter Now That Trump Is President

She is 'filled with terror'.

In the wake of the recent US election, Kristin Davis spoke out about the what it means to have white privilege, and what it will mean for her adopted daughter.

She spoke to the New York Post about how uneducated she believes she was before adopting her daughter, Gemma Rose Davis, in 2011. 

“I am white. I have lived in white privilege. I thought I knew before adopting my daughter that I was in white privilege, that I understood what that meant,” she said.

“But until you actually have a child, which is like your heart being outside you, and that heart happens to be in a brown body, and you have people who are actively working against your child, it’s hard,” she added. “It fills me with terror.”

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In response to the results of the US election, Davis said that she was completely shocked that Hillary Clinton didn’t win.

“My initial thoughts on Wednesday morning was that I wanted to move to the woods and learn to shoot a gun,” Davis said. “It makes no sense. I’m fully aware. I’m 100 per cent aware that it literally makes no sense … the fear of what is happening and how am I going to make sure that no one hurts my child, even in a subtle way, which was already a fear I had obviously, but it just became so, so heightened.”

However despite being fearful for her daughter, she knows that it’s up to her to combat the discrimination Gemma may face.

“I have to tell her your curls are beautiful, your black skin is beautiful,” she said. “You’re beautiful. You’re powerful. You’re a goddess … because she needs to know this.”

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