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Australian Celebrities Are Handing Their Social Media Over To Powerful Indigenous Voices

Zoe Foster Blake, Phoebe Tonkin and Turia Pitt are all ready to #ShareTheMicNow

Last week, notable Hollywood actresses (including Selena Gomez and Julia Roberts) handed their social media accounts over to influential Black activists for the #ShareTheMic campaign, in an attempt to amplify the lives, stories and calls to action of the Black Lives Matter movement. 

Now, it’s happening right here on our very shores with some of Australia’s most influential women handing over their Instagram accounts to the powerful Indigenous voices fighting for change for the #ShareTheMicAustralia campaign. In keeping with the original message, these discussions are aiming to amplify Indigenous voices – from creatives, musicians, podcasters, writers and activists to raise awareness and hopefully forge a better understanding. 

Created by Tara June Winch and Zoë Foster Blake, the pair announced: “We need to #sharethemicnowaustralia to #amplifyaboriginalvoices in this conversation and discuss the future work we all need to do to address the privilege in the room, the broken heart of a nation and the effort that needs to go into being an anti-racist ally in Australia today.” 

Others who have signed on include Phoebe Tonkin, Turia Pitt and Tara Moss. 

See below for the full lineup: 

Phoebe Tonkin & Mo’Ju (@phoebejtonkin & @mojojujumusic)

Jamila Rizvi & Sianna Catullo Hear (@jamilarizvi & @siannacatullo)

Olivia Molly Rogers & Allira Potter (@oliviamollyrogers & @allira.potter)

Clare Bowditch & Emily Wurramara (@clarebowditch & @emilywurramara_)

Turia Pitt & Shereena Clanton (@turiapitt & @shareenaclanton)

Madeline West & Marlee Silva (@madmadswest & @marlee.silva)

Zara McDonald, Michelle Andrews & Racheel Sarra (@shamelesspodcast & @sar.ra__)

Chrissie Swan & Nayuka Gorrie (@chrissieswan & @_naycab)

Tara Moss & Amy McQuire (@taramossauthor & @amymcquire_)

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