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Sharon Tate Revealed That Years Before She Was Murdered By The Manson Family, She Dreamed About It

Describing the haunting, violent dream in an interview

Sharon Tate‘s tragic murder at the hands of the Manson Family on August 9th 1969 is revisited in Quinten Tarantino’s highly anticipated film Once Upon A Time In Hollywood – coinciding with the fiftieth anniversary of her death – and sparking a renewed interest in her life. 

An eery interview with Tate has revealed that in 1967 she had a violent dream so disturbing it haunted her a year later. According to an interview with Dick Kleiner in Fate magazine, Tate thought it was a premonition of her own murder.

On August 1, 1968, Kleiner – almost a year to the day before she was slain in her home – Kleiner asked whether she had any psychic experiences. 

“Yes, I have had a psychic experience – at least I guess that’s what it was – and it was a terribly frightening and disturbing thing for me. It happened a year or so ago. Maybe you can explain it,” she replied.

Before she was married to Roamin Polansky she dated celebrity hairstylist, Jay Sebring.

The dream occurred while she was still with Sebring and staying in his home which has previously belonged to Paul Bern – whose relationship with Jean Harlow and suicide was the subject of public fodder at the time – Bern had taken his life in Sebring’s house after Harlow ended their love affair.  

Tate wasn’t sure why but she told Kleiner she couldn’t sleep one night: “I had a funny feeling,” she said. In a state somewhere between being awake and asleep, she had a vision that foreshadowed her murder. 

Sharon tate
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“I saw this creepy little man,” she told Kleiner.  “He looked like all the descriptions I had ever read of Paul Bern.” According to Tate, the figure entered the bedroom and ‘dashed around the room’ frightening her so much that she jumped up and ran towards the stairs in her bathrobe. 

But once she reached the staircase the “dream” only got worse.

“I saw something or someone tied to the staircase,” she said.  “Whoever it was – and I couldn’t tell if it was a man or a woman but knew somehow that it was either Jay Sebring or me – he or she was cut open at the throat.”

On August 9, 1969, members of the Manson Family cult broke into Polanksi and Tate’s home at 10050 Cielo Drive in Los Angeles, just down the road from Sebring’s home.

They murdered Tate, along with Sebring, Wojciech Frykowski, Abigail Folger and Steven Parent.

Sharon tate
Sharon Tate was pregnant with her first child to Roamin Polansky at the time of her death. (Credit: Getty)

Tate was a Texas-born beauty queen-turned-actress who after a number of small films scored her breakout role in the 1967 cult film Valley Of Dolls which catapulted her into stardom and earned her a Golden Globe nomination.


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