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Because We’ve All Binge-Watched ‘Virgin River’, Here Are 6 More Shows Just Like It

Can't stop, won't stop.

So you’ve watched Virgin River. You’ve seen Mel’s tumultuous journey from past to present. You’ve laughed along with her highs, and felt your heart drop with her lows. You’ve watched her relationship with Jack ebb, flow and flow a little more. 

There’s just something about the Netflix drama series that’s kept us coming back—so when season three dropped in July and we understandably gunned through each episode, we were left with that nagging question: What will we watch next? 

The show itself centres around Melinda, a nurse who flees her damaging past in the big city to a teeny tiny fictional town in California named Virgin River. 

We follow as she falls in love with Jack, gets to know the unique locals (some wild, some wonderful) and she discovers there’s a whole lot of drama even in the smallest, most unlikely of places. 

It’s a narrative that’s no doubt been done to death, but there’s something about Virgin River that is so wholesomely binge-worthy (more on that here)—Lean into it, we say.  

So if you, like us, are seeking to fill the Virgin River-sized hole in your life, we found six more shows you should watch for that same, blissful escapism it offers. 

Sweet Magnolias


Sweet Magnolias follows best friends Maddie, Dana Sue and Helen who come together to start a business and turn their lives around after experiencing a series of career and relationship upheavals. It’s pure, it’s wholesome and it’ll keep you on your toes with a little cheeky humour. The perfect show to keep you company whenever you need a little pep. 

Watch Sweet Magnolias on Netflix here

Hart Of Dixie 


Ever since she played Summer Roberts in The O.C., Rachel Bilson has been our go-to gal for a dose of nostalgia and the promise of peak rom-com fused with drama. Hart Of Dixie just about sums that up. The show follows Dr. Zoe, who moves to the fictional town of Bluebell to work at a medical practice which, incidentally, she sort of takes over when the owner dies. Like any good romantic drama series, she meets some unique locals, including sweet love interest Wade. 

You can watch Hart Of Dixie on Stan here



It’s an oldie, but a true goodie. Heartland first aired in 2007 and has impressively rolled us into its 14th season. No small feat for the Alberta ranch family, whom the series is based around. Sisters Amy & Lou experience the highs and lows of farm life alongside their grandfather. Over the seasons, bonds with family members, farmhands and locals are tested. Call it the farm-edition of Gilmore Girls.

Watch Heartland on Netflix here

This Is Us


Follow the lives of triplets Kevin, Kate and Randall who each have their own, emotional back-story. As each sibling processes their past and present, their unique bond and sweet relationship with their parents makes for an emotional and uplifting watch, almost like a warm embrace after a long hard day. 

You can watch This Is Us on Amazon Prime here

Chesapeake Shores


After living the high life in the Big Apple, Abby returns to her former home town of Chesapeake Shores, Maryland, after a panicked phone call and a looming threat to a family legacy. There she bumps into many old faces, including (you guessed it) her former flame. 

You can watch Chesapeake Shores on Netflix here

Emily In Paris 


We simply couldn’t leave this list without suggesting Emily In Paris—so hear us out. From the moment it was released in 2020, Lily Collins’ romantic-comedy series divided the internet, with many deeming its themes and predictable narratives a little tired in today’s landscape. But to be perfectly frank, we’re here for the simple, comforting escapism the show provides. Here, you’ll follow Emily, a US marketing gun who transfers to a Parisian subsidiary. There, she learns there’s a lot more to people’s lives than their shiny Instagram grids. 

Watch Emily In Paris on Netflix here

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