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Sia Made A Powerful Statement At Last Night’s ARIA Awards

She took a stand in her absence.

Unfortunately Sia couldn’t be at the ARIA Awards this year, but she made sure she made quite the impression when she received the award for Best Female Artist.

Instead of accepting it herself, she sent Equality Campaign ambassador Angie Green to accept the award, and got her to take a stand for marriage equality in Australia. 

“I detest the fact that I am one of three but only two of us can get married. No one’s life or whom they love should be up for debate.”

“This award is for all LGBTI Australians who are currently unable to marry the person they love in the country we all cherish.”

“This award is for everyday Australians, our families, friends, neighbours and workmates. It’s for the young man growing up in Alice Springs and the young woman growing up in Ballarat.”

“Marriage Equality is about ensuring the relationships and aspirations of every Australian are equal and shown the same dignity and respect. Thank you for this award and thank you to Sia for being such a strong advocate and supporter of marriage equality for every Australian. Thank you.”

The speech got a standing ovation from the audience, and Kylie Minogue and her fiancé Joshua Sasse also wore the marriage equality t-shirts later in the show.

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