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Sisters, Aged 3 and 4, Drown in Family Pool

The family of the two girls share their heartbreak

Two sisters, aged 3 and 4, have died after drowning in their backyard pool at their home in Logan, Brisbane.

Police were called to the home around 1:30 Tuesday afternoon after Taya and Patricia Young were found unconscious at the bottom of the pool.

Their mother, Renise Young, desperately pulled the girls out of the water as her five-year-old son called 000, and she has described how she screamed for help.

Ms Young and her partner Troy attempted CPR, but it was too late.

“The two young girls were taken out of the pool by their parents and given CPR. The ambulance officers responded but were unable to revive them,” Inspector Inspector Glenn Allen told Nine News

“All a mother could do when they see their baby like that is just scream at the top of their lungs,” Ms Young told the Courier Mail.

“I was screaming and grabbing them and making sure their head was above the water and just yelling because there was nothing I could do.”

The tragedy unfolded in just ten minutes, with the girls going missing after eating lunch with their parents and three other siblings. Thinking they had gone outside to play, the couple looked for them out the front of the house, before their son found the girls in the pool.

“They thought they went out and walked up the road and they went looking up the road for them, the neighbours were looking.” Grandfather Peter brown told Nine News.

“And it was a last resort going back to the pool and they were at the bottom of the pool.”

“We know (they are) at rest, they’re at peace, they’re not going to go through any pain, they’re just sleeping,” their mother added.

For more information on resuscitation and CPR click here and watch the video below:

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