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Six Months Pregnant And On Tinder: One Woman’s Story Had Radio Listeners Divided

Would you go on Tinder when you're pregnant?

A pregnant woman recently caused controversy over her story about trying to find a prospective partner on Tinder. 

The woman, who identified herself only as ‘Caitlin’, told Mike E and Emma on The Edge 96.1 that she was looking for a boyfriend after she recently split from the father of the baby. She called into their ‘Am I A Bad Person?’ segment and explained that her friends had been quite judgemental about her decision and she wanted to know what other people thought.

“I still need love too,” she explained. “I’m trying to get back out there and have a little fun, but my friends have definitely not really been on board.”

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She also added that she doesn’t tell the guys she’s talking to on Tinder that she’s pregnant, but when they meet up of course, they find out.

“I’m not keeping it from them, but I’m not declaring it.”

Mike and Emma both had conflicting thoughts on it, but they opened the phone lines to see what other people thought.

One caller thought it was fine, but worried that she would be constantly on a slew of first dates, as guys wouldn’t want to see her again.

Several callers thought the main issue was with the fact that she was hiding the fact that she was pregnant before the date.

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One caller was particularly upset about the fact that Caitlin wasn’t thinking about the baby as the priority and told her own story.

“I’m actually on my way now to terminate my pregnancy at six weeks and I do have a partner but we just can’t… but I’m very upset that I’m getting rid of it,” she said.

“And then I’m hearing about a girl that’s six months pregnant not even thinking about the child whatsoever. I just think she’s very selfish.”

Listen to the full interview here:

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