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Someone Created A Donald Trump Pizza, With Tiny Slices For Tiny Fingers

Because everyone should be able to enjoy pizza

As we all know, Donald Trump has made a sport out of mocking other people, particularly women. But now, a Portland Pizzeria has given Trump a taste of his own medicine.

Vinnie’s Pizzeria just debuted a new pizza with tiny slices so Trump can wrap his tiny little fingers around them with ease.

Flavour-wise, it’s not for the fainthearted… the pizza has three toppings and triple cheese.

Trump was first accused of having short, stumpy fingers by Spy magazine back in the ‘80s and he’s been similarly mocked by publications including Vanity Fair, Gawker and the New Yorker (amongst others).

It’s fair to say that he hasn’t taken the ridicule lying down, so we wonder how – or if – he’ll respond to this one.

Via Grub Street

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