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Sonia Kruger Calls For a Muslim Immigration Ban In Australia

The TV star got into a heated debate following the Nice terror attacks.

Channel Nine star Sonia Kruger has become embroiled in controversy this morning, after endorsing a suspension of Muslim immigration to Australia, in the wake of the Nice terror attack. 

Speaking on the Today Show in response to a polarising opinion piece by newspaper columnist Andrew Bolt, Kruger said she was terrified by recent acts of violence, and suggested that immigration controls could be a solution.

While claiming she has a ‘lot of very good friends’ who are peace-loving Muslims, she added ‘there are fanatics’.

“I would like to see it stop now for Australia,” Sonia said of Muslim immigration, “because I want to feel safe as all of our citizens do when we go out to celebrate Australia Day”. 

Her TV co-host David Campbell disagreed, saying that freedom of religion was just as important as freedom of speech. Speaking on Bolt’s article, he added: “This breeds hate. This sort of article breeds hate.”

Twitter users quickly reacted to Sonia’s comments, with some labelling them ‘disgusting’  and ‘racist’. 

UPDATE: This afternoon Kruger took to twitter to respond to critics, with this post:

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