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Sophie Monk Responds To Rumours She Was Secretly Meeting Up With Stu On ‘The Bachelorette’

She took to Instagram overnight

Another day, another rumour about Bachelorette couple Sophie Monk and Stu Laundy. 

This time, the whispers have nothing to do with other women or secret splits, rather that the pair were secretly meeting up on the set of the reality TV show. And this time, they come straight from the horse’s mouth. 

During Stu’s 45th birthday party, Sophie said a speech in which she revealed she would “leave a key downstairs” and Stu would “pick it up and come straight to the room.”

“Stu and I are very similar… we’re not very good at rules,” Sophie said in the video obtained by The Daily Mail.

“So the whole time through The Bachelorette, we were meant to be in lock-down, which means ‘don’t see each-other’ – we saw each other more than any other couple I think,” she continued.

“I’d leave a key downstairs in the garage, he’d just pick it up and come straight to the room… He has that arrogance, he knew he was going to win!”

Of course, fans were angered to hear the (definitely rigged) dating show was potentially rigged, prompting Sophie to respond on Instagram. 

sophie monk
sophie monk
sophie monk

“Let me clear this up,” the star wrote across an article titled: “Fans think Sophie Monk confirmed The Bachelorette was RIGGED.”

“I sneakily saw him AFTER we had finished shooting the show before the finally [SIC] aired and his attitude was like he won most of the time. I swear it was totally legit,” she wrote.

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