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That Sounds In Your Roof? It Could Be Someone Living Up There

Yes, really

It’s a bird’s nest! It’s a possum! It’s a human being – wait, what?

That’s right, those noises you can hear in your roof could actually be far more than a gust of wind, as one woman in the US just found out. 

After hearing weird sounds, the unidentified woman called her landlord, “because sometimes he’s used the storage above,” she explained to NBC Washington

The landlord called the police who arrived at the property around 2am on Friday night. 

Officers went to the back of the property, where the stairway leads up to the attic, and called out for anyone present to come forward.

“The subject came forward,” said Ashley Savage, a police spokeswoman, and “was taken into custody without any incident.”

The man, identified as Anthony Jones, was confirmed as homeless, but it’s unclear how long he had been residing in the attic of the house.

His belongings – a backpack, clothes and bedding – were all found inside.

Although strange, this incident isn’t a once off. 

Just last week, a man found a woman living in his attic who had been there for over three days, The Daily Mail reports.

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