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This Is How 2 Australian Inflencers Are Combating Instagram Removing Likes

Hint: in the best way possible

When Instagram announced it was experimenting with removing visible likes from the platform, there was a lot of discussion about what it would mean for millennial’s social media platform of choice and those who use it professionally. A few weeks ago the change was implemented, prompting many an op-ed and tearful video plea from influencers (okay, there was just one of those, but still).

Those who see the end of likes as a positive are hoping it will help user’s mental health and open Instagram up to being used in the way it was originally: for posting photos of things that make you happy, without worrying about filters, engagement and whether it’ll get as many likes as the photo of your smashed avo brunch did. 

Two Australian influencers who are embracing just that are Sammy Robinson and Jade Tuchny, who have signed on as the new faces of Sportsgirl’s Be That Girl movement, alongside Mackinley Hill, sister of supermodel Taylor Hill, POCC Magazine founder Mercy Sang and Australian model Inga Ringdal.

Be That Girl encourages women to embrace the ordinary moments in every day that make them happy – whether it be the book they’re reading, the warm cup of coffee they’re drinking or seeing old friends – and to share those unfiltered moments to help remind others to do the same.

With huge changes happening on social media, we’re glad to see two Aussies championing a movement that embraces being yourself, both online and off. 

Find out more about the movement here.

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