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This Is How Willie Garson’s Death In ‘Sex And The City’ Reboot Will Be Addressed

The actor tragically passed away aged 57 in September.

Sex And The City star Willie Garson’s death shocked the show’s legion of fans—but his legacy will live on. 

The iconic show’s reboot, And Just Like That… is set for release this week, and while Garson did  film several scenes for it (reprising his role as Stanford Blatch), an executive producer has confirmed they didn’t get to cover off everything they hoped. 

“Oh God, no,” Michael Patrick King told The Hollywood Reporter in response to that question. 

He continued: “We had a whole journey that we weren’t able to do. But what he did is fantastic.”

He also told the New York Times that Garson’s character would not be killed off. 

“Because it wasn’t charming, and I knew that the audience would know,” he explained. 

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King also addressed those death rumours about Mr. Big—ever since the first details about the reboot began dropping, fans were convinced Carrie Bradshaw’s on-again off-again partner would die. 

“Nobody’s dead. Nobody,” he said. 

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Rumours have been flying left right and centre about the reboot, with the first episode set to drop on December 9. 

Of course, a lot of those rumours have centred on Samantha Jones (played by Kim Cattrall), who announced earlier this year she would not be reprising her role in the reboot. 

From being killed off (debunked) to having a major argument with Carrie, the theories as to how she’ll be written out are rife. 

The latest seems slightly more believable. 

Sources close to the production revealed to Daily Mail that Samantha’s absence will be due to the character being based in London in the reboot.

“We couldn’t have Samantha roaming around New York City and not have the other women (Charlotte and Miranda) not interacting with her. It just wouldn’t have made sense,” a source said of the producers decision. 

Sending her to Los Angeles wasn’t an option as we’d done that in the first movie, so having her character based in London really was the perfect way to keep her alive and explain her absence.” 

And Just Like That… will drop on BINGE on December 9, you can watch it for free with a two week trial if you sign up here.  

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