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Who Is Our Fitness Queen Steph Claire Smith’s Husband, Josh Miller?

The inside scoop on their beautiful family.
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When Steph Claire Smith co-founded her fitness empire Keep It Cleaner (KIC) with best friend Laura Henshaw, she probably didn’t realise the fame the two would garner in the process.

Claire Smith, who hails from Melbourne, boasts 1.5 million followers on her personal Instagram, making her a verified influencer as well as a business savvy entrepreneur.

Known for her carefree attitude and ability to keep it real, Claire Smith has a special way of communicating with the women who follow her, making fitness more approachable. She has also been increasingly open about her life on the KICPOD, her podcast alongside Henshaw.

While Claire Smith keeps much of her family life behind closed doors, we are offered little glimpses into her home life through social media. Here is what we know so far.

Who Is Steph Claire Smith’s Husband, Josh Miller?

Josh Miller is a Melbourne-based influencer, stay-at-home dad and former entrepreneur behind the cult sunglasses brand Soda Shades.

(Credit: Image: Instagram)

How Did Steph Claire Smith and Josh Miller Meet?

Steph Claire Smith and Josh Miller have the most adorable meet cute. The pair met over 17 years ago near their families’ properties out on the Murray River. She describes it as a “little town in the middle of nowhere”.

When out for a horse ride she encountered Bailey, Miller’s sister. Just 12 years old she eventually met the Miller family, including Josh.

A young Claire Smith was smitten with him and eventually their friendship turned into a kiss, and at 18, into a relationship. The pair continued to date and the rest is history.

(Credit: Image: Instagram)

When Did Steph Claire Smith And Josh Miller Get Married?

Having met at such a young age, both Steph and Josh said they knew the other was their soulmate. Eventually, Miller proposed, on the same property they met on all those years ago. It was also the location of their November wedding in 2019, where Steph wore a custom two-piece dress from Melbourne-based bridal boutique Kyha Studios.

“The farm is Josh’s family holiday house. It’s where we met, where we got to know each other, where we first kissed and where we got engaged. Aside from all that, it’s our favourite place in the entire world so it was a no brainer,” Claire Smith told Vogue.

Does Josh Miller Work With Steph Claire Smith?

Miller worked mostly with his father’s construction company in the early years of his life, but in 2018 he co-founded sunglasses brand Soda Shades with his now wife Steph Claire Smith.

The brand was successful, but in 2021 the couple decided to part ways with the brand, citing the need to spend more time with their growing family. The brand was placed in the ownership of investors but in 2022 it went into voluntary receivership, which they say was due to global supply chain issues.

Since having their son, Miller has been a stay-at-home-dad, allowing his wife to continue her journey with KIC. During his time at home, Miller has carved out a living in photography and content creation.

(Credit: Image: Instagram)

Do Steph Claire Smith and Josh Miller Have Kids?

Steph Claire Smith announced that she was pregnant nearly a year after her wedding, at the end of October 2020.

“Mini Miller due in April 2021,” the happy couple shared on social media, with an image of Miller kissing her stomach. “Our little family is getting a little bigger soon.”

Her little one arrived a later than first thought, born on the May 4, 2021 at 1:21am. She shared the post alongside a caption. “We are in the biggest love bubble,” she said. She also shared the little one’s name – Harvey John Miller.

Claire Smith has been candid about her pregnancy and exercise journey as well as her struggles to adjust to being a new mother and a working professional. However, the family appear to have settled into a beautiful routine.

(Credit: Image: Instagram)

Where Do Steph Claire Smith And Josh Miller Live?

Steph Claire Smith and Josh Miller call ritzy East Brighton home, along the shoreline east of Melbourne. The couple sold their home in the area for around $1 million profit in 2022 and then bought a Palm-Springs inspired home in the same suburb a few months later for a whopping $7 million.

It’s a four-bedroom home with swimming pool and north facing balcony.

Steph Claire Smith Opens Up About Intimacy With Husband Josh Miller

If there’s something we love about Claire Smith, it’s her ability to get open and honest with her followers and really relate to them. 

In 2022, Claire Smith admitted on the KICPOD that she and Josh had embarked on a 30-day intimacy challenge with her husband, after the birth of their son Harvey. 

“We’re tired and there are dry spells but whenever we are intimate, it makes everything else better,” Steph said previously.

The pair got back onto the topic of sexual wellness and intimacy in relationships in 2023. Henshaw was laughing while one of Claire Smith’s friends phoning into the podcast revealed that when Claire Smith had been a teenager she had “sexy little outfits” that she would wear with her then boyfriend Miller, specifically “nurse outfits”. 

“Then you would hide them and your mum would clean your room for you, she’d find them and hang them up all nicely for you and just never mention it,” the friend said. 

Henshaw was in hysterics, but questioned Claire Smith in the sex-positive discussion about what is was like.

Claire Smith divulged that she would put on accents while in a roleplay and that it was a great way to spice up their intimate moments. 

“I think because we’ve known each other forever, I think that’s why I used to play characters,” she said, adding it allowed the could to “mix it up”. Roleplay is certainly nothing new, and her revelation was agreed with by many couples in the comments. 

“Okay I have to know- was it the ‘Bras N Things’ nurse outfit? Because same,” one wrote. “This is the best! Why don’t you guys launch a podcast about raunchy/taboo topics. Legit, the best. Laura’s reactions are just priceless,” another added.

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