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Study Shows That Mr Darcy Wasn’t Actually A Hunk

Everything we've ever known about him is wrong!

When you think of Mr Darcy from Pride and Prejudice, whether it’s the BBC TV drama or movie adaptation, your thoughts will probably stray to a tall, broad-shouldered hunk with dark curls and irresistible side burns.

Well, we’ve got some bad news for you.

Some English literature researchers in England have analysed the appearances of author Jane Austen’s crushes and potential suitors before she wrote the novel, who Mr Darcy is rumoured to be based off. Based on this, he would look quite different indeed.

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Instead of the broad-shouldered hunk, he would likely be short, slim, and have powdered grey hair.

On his face structure, the study said that he would be narrow-jawed.

“In the late 1790s, square jaws were practically unheard-of amongst the upper classes, with the pointy chin and small mouth evident on Mr. Darcy very common features of the gentlemen of the era.”

Notably, one of the features women looked for in a suitor at the time was ‘muscular legs’, which were often associated with talent in horse-riding and fencing.

They created an illustration to represent his reimagined, more accurate look:

Image Source: Nick Hardcastle

Not exactly Colin Firth!

That being said, Jane Austen included minimal descriptions of Mr Darcy’s appearance, so our imaginations are always free to run wild.

You can watch the full explanation of the study here:

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