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‘The Sullivans’ Star Susan Hannaford Gives Explosive Interview After Disappearing From Spotlight

“Be careful of what you say because I do have lawyers"

“Do you have difficulties with telling the truth?” is the question posed to The Sullivan’s star Susan Hannaford, the subject of an explosive new interview on Seven’s Sunday Night.

The actress made a name for herself as little Kitty Sullivan on the beloved Australian soap in the 1970s, but later disappeared from the spotlight and reinvented herself as an American property tycoon.

Hannaford explains in her first interview in decades that she has been “busy creating an empire”. “Everything has worked out beautifully,” she says from her luxe LA mansion. 

But as journalist Matt Doran questions, is her lavish lifestyle just another act? The star is quizzed about her former life in Australia and asked about debt-related matters. 

The Sullivans
The Sullivans

“$14 million went missing,” Doran tells Hannaford, to which she replies: “Oh, I understand that – that’s different.”

The interview reaches a breaking point, with Hannaford walking out.

“I’ve just put you on notice,” she tells Doran. “Be careful of what you say because I do have lawyers.”

Don’t miss the full report on Sunday Night this Sunday at 8.30pm on Seven and 7PLUS.

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