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Sydney Is Holding A Massive Climate Change Rally Today In Response To The Bushfires

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Sydney-siders will march en masse at 5:30PM today, in response to the ongoing and devastating bushfires that have been raging throughout New South Wales for weeks.

Organised by the group ‘Uni Students for Climate Change’, the strike is demanding the federal government take serious action on climate change and allocate extra funding to the fire services.

Image: Getty
Smoke haze over Sydney. Image: Getty (Credit: Image: Getty)

The event will take place at Sydney’s Town Hall at 5:30PM, with attendees encouraged to wear P2 face masks (created to protect people from asbestos), to symbolize the ongoing climate emergency.

There are currently more than 100 fires burning throughout NSW, with Sydney’s CBD covered in a haze of smoke and ash. “[The city] is being poisoned and people across the state have lost their homes, and some have lost their lives,” says Uni Students for Climate Change spokesperson Chloe Rafferty. “We need urgent action on the health crisis and a transition to renewable energy.”

The group are expecting a turnout of 5,000 this afternoon.

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