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Sydney Private Schoolgirl Turned Ice Addict Narrowly Avoids Prison

"Jail is not a place for a young lady like you"

In October 2016, police found Amanda Arbib in western Sydney with MasterCard and Visa cards belonging to 11 different people.

The 26-year-old former private schoolgirl, who says she spiralled out of control after the loss of her father in 2013, had an ice addiction which became so bad that she later admitted to police that she kept a bag of the drug stashed in her bra.

Yesterday at Sydney’s Downing Centre court, Amanda narrowly avoided jail, after pleading guilty to fraudulently obtaining money by stealing credit cards and other items.

Magistrate Grogin told Ms Arbib of his ruling: “You are now on knife’s edge and you are in charge of that knife. If you fail to comply with every single aspect of the ICO, those sentences will crystallised and you will go to jail.”

Before going on to say, “Jail is not a place for anybody to be, especially for a young lady like you.”

“I’d like to give other young people the courage that although it’s almost impossible, if I can do it, so can you,” Amanda told The Daily Telegraph of getting clean.

“Also I know my father would be proud of me, may he rest in peace, and mum you’re a wonder woman. I love you, thank you for your unconditional love and support.”

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