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Sydney Teen Who Was Abducted In The Night Speaks Of Horror

"I want to kill him"

UPDATE: The 18-year-old who was abducted from her home in the middle of the night has spoken out about the horrific ordeal, saying, “I want to kill him.”

The teen was forced out her bedroom window by Chafic Charyala, 33, who then kept her locked in a hotel for 24 hours before forcing her to marry him in an Islamic ceremony.

“I just wanted to come back home to my family,” she told 7News

The young woman, who knew her abductor, said he kidnapped her in order to secure a visa.

“He lives overseas, but he doesn’t have a visa here, so if he gets married here, the girl gets to put him here…he can stay here.”

Charylala was arrested on Monday night when police tracked down his vehicle 400km from Sydney with the scared teen inside. He was charged with kidnapping, sexual assault and indecent assault.

ORIGINAL: A teenager was abducted from her home in the early hours of Monday morning and taken on a horrifying 400km journey.

Police believe the 18-year-old was kidnapped from her Bankstown home by a 33-year-old man, was sexually assaulted and driven in a car towards Melbourne.

According to The Sydney Morning Herald, the kidnapper had previously asked the woman’s parents for her hand in marriage, but was rejected.

The teenager’s family reported her missing and she was later found in a car with the man on the Hume Highway at Gundagai on Monday night. 

The young woman is currently in hospital and is reportedly in a “stable condition”, 9 News notes. 

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