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Syrian Children Are Turning To Social Media To Ask The West For Help

Some are as little as eight

Meet the faces of the war in Syria: young girls hiding in bomb shelters when they should be at school; teenage boys painfully aware that the outside world is “bored from our blood pictures” or blissfully ignorant.

Just last week, UNICEF issued a history-making blank statement expressing outrage at the numbers of Syrian children dying at the hands of their government in Eastern Ghouta and Damascus.

Now, the children trapped in these danger zones are broadcasting the horrors of their situation to the world via social media. 15-year-old teenager Muhammed Najem has been posting from Eastern Ghouta since December, SBS reports, in order to “convey to you all the evil which is being committed by the Assad regime.”

Noor and Alaa, two primary school-aged sisters with a penchant for sparkly pink beanies, are also tweeting their calls for the international community to come to their aid.

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